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I am a catholic conservative and a registered republican (I think). I believe in small government, a balanced budget, and personal responsibility. I am studying austrian economics on my own ( as opposed to the Keynesian model). I reject moral relativism and collectivism. I am an individualist which means I don’t believe in the concept of lgbt/women’s/black/Indian/some minority/poverty rights and unions. I am pro-life. I am Catholic. I believe in the constitution and the America and American values instilled by our founding fathers. I am against all government entitlement systems and the welfare state.

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I am a right social libertarian
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I fully believe that libertarianism and Catholicism is compatible 100% and the belief that it’s not is based on the misinformation about some of the tenents of libertarianism. 

Jason Brennen, explain to me how Chris Rock is a libertarian.


According to a study, couples who share housework equally are more likely to divorce.



According to a study, couples who share housework equally are more likely to divorce.





Women priests give $1,000 to shelter after Cincinnati archdiocese withdraws donation


"The Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests donated $1,000 to a Catholic Worker house that shelters homeless women after the Cincinnati archdiocese retracted its funding because a woman priest led a prayer service at the shelter…

'We spent the money in June with the promise that it would be reimbursed at the start of the new fiscal year July 1, and we submitted the receipt on July 5,' said Mary Ellen Mitchell, one of the founders of Lydia's House. 'We found out Wednesday, July 16, of this week that [the archdiocese] wouldn't do the reimbursement.'”

-In an act that proves that the hierarchy cares more about associating with women’s ordination rather than keeping their promise to help homeless women and children.

That’s kinda disgusting that the Archdiocese would WITHDRAW financial help from the poor and suffering because of politics.

They need the money, period.

Everybody needs money. I need money, but that doesn’t entitle me to expect money if I am not up front and honest in my intentions.

The Catholic Worker, is one of thousands and thousands of places where the poor are offered help across this country. However, by advertising itself as “Catholic” the Worker house is expected to collaborate with the local Catholic community in the unity of faith and morals.

That is why the Catholic money which is offered to them is given to them and not to other Protestant ministry for the poor, that actually might be doing even better work with the poor. Charity begins at home, and you help your own first.

But what if your own tell you that they are no longer of one mind and heart with you? Okay, that’s fine, it’s a free country, and you can act like you’re now a Unitarian or even of no faith at all. But then don’t expect me to open my wallet and give to your organization, especially when you mislead people to think you are a “Catholic” ministry and now you are more of a liberal social justice ministry that does what it wants.

Dorothy Day was alive when women priests were being ordained in several Christian denominations, and I have no doubt with her ecumenical contacts that she was invited to a number of women’s ordinations. No doubt at all. But she never attended them. Nor did she invite women priests to play Catholic priest at the Catholic Worker houses. 

That is the farce going on. Something is being done in her name which is not her spirit and heart. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to what she wrote in 1966:

Perhaps I have sounded too possessive about the Catholic Worker itself and had no right to speak for the publication, but only for myself. I do know that Peter Maurin would have agreed with me. Most cradle Catholics have gone through, or need to go through, a second conversion which binds them with a more profound, a more mature love and obedience to the Church.

I do know that my nature is such that gratitude alone, gratitude for the faith, that most splendid gift, a gift not earned by me, a gratuitous gift, is enough to bind me in holy obedience to Holy Mother Church and her commands.


God bless, Fr. Angel

moochiethinks replied to your post: “Laundry mats have their own culture. This is a cultural experience…”:

Man, laundrymats creep me out! I used 1 in college for a while. Also, I had some jeans stolen, wet from a washer, in an all-student apartment bldg in college. They prolly touched my boxers. So not cool.

Yeah. Like no one trusts each other but they are all friendly. It’s weird



The Iron Pill Episode 1

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