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I am a catholic conservative and a registered republican (I think). I believe in small government, a balanced budget, and personal responsibility. I am studying austrian economics on my own ( as opposed to the Keynesian model). I reject moral relativism and collectivism. I am an individualist which means I don’t believe in the concept of lgbt/women’s/black/Indian/some minority/poverty rights and unions. I am pro-life. I am Catholic. I believe in the constitution and the America and American values instilled by our founding fathers. I am against all government entitlement systems and the welfare state.

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I am a right social libertarian
Right: 7.36, Libertarian: 4.7

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Screw you tumblr app

I don’t get ANY of my notifications. I had to go to safari to find out dickeynation commented on my blackout post. Like really?!? Tumblr app designers, you can do better than that. The fact that I get notified of 25% of my notes, but can see that I get notes on my post really pisses me off. Like, I’ll see that my last post gets 5 notes, but I get 0 notifications, and when I click on the notes, it just said “previewofthoughts posted this.” No. Not okay. I want all my notifications, especially since the app is my only access to tumblr. I want grade A eggs here tumblr app designers and you’re giving unsellable crap.